This website provides further information about the two books I have written, and also includes an account of my research into the origins of William Davenport, an ancestor of Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge. As I no longer carry out research for clients, the name of this website has changed from John Wintrip Genealogy Services to John Wintrip: Genealogy Specialist.

After many years of personal family history research and several years as a professional genealogist, I had long been aware of the dearth of books focusing on research in the period immediately before civil registration. In the continuing absence of such a book, I eventually decided to write one myself, which subsequently evolved into two complementary but self-contained books. Tracing Your Pre-Victorian Ancestors: A Guide to Research Methods for Family Historians, which was published in February 2017, focuses on the process of research and is aimed at readers who already have some experience of research before 1837. Tracing Your Georgian Ancestors 1714-1837 focuses on sources and the relevant historical background, and is expected be published in March 2018. It is aimed at both total newcomers to research before 1837 and readers who wish to learn more about the sources available for research in this period, and the historical context within which they were produced.


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